Illawarra NSW South Coast based Horizon Credit Union, has announced a change of trading name to Horizon Bank which has come into effect on the 2 nd of September 2019.
The credit union, established in 1964 with nine branches spanning the NSW South Coast, describes the move as an evolution in offering a customer-owned banking alternative to people who value personal attention combined with high tech banking facilities and competitive rates.
Mark Crowther, Chair of Horizon said the name change decision was not taken lightly. “Regrettably, many people don’t know what a credit union is, who can join and what they do. Changing our trading name to Horizon Bank changes that instantly and opens us up to a new market. “
Horizon’s ownership and values are what set them apart from traditional banks. Their ownership structure remains as customer-owned and therefore run solely to benefit customers; providing special personal service that’s transparent and hassle-free. In a world of technological innovation, Horizon values people above all else. Their customer satisfaction rating of 96% is the envy of any financial institution.. 

Products: Savings, Loans, Term Investments, Insurances, Financial Planning, Foriegn Exchange, Car Search

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