Stories can inspire us, educate us and take us to another place. We believe these stories can be told visually through the art of filmmaking. 

How can LundinStudio help your business? LundinStudio is a film studio in the Helensburgh Business Park with 70 m2 filming area, 6 m high ceilings, industrial roller doors for truck access, modern production office amenities, dressing room, extraordinary LED lighting, equipment, green screen and in-house skills. 

Make your own videos for your website and social media channels or shoot short films and features for the big screen.

What else do we offer? An industry background in stunt performance and coordination, other skills include rigging at heights, grip and gaffer expertise on indie films, technical expertise in live video streaming and data storage, management and organisation.

Check in for a tour of the studio and discuss how we can help you with your film or video project. 

What is the Coal Coast Film Festival? LundinStudio started the Coal Coast Film Festival to promote filmmakers and to showcase filmmaking locally, regionally and internationally. If you are a filmmaker or know someone who makes short films, submissions can be made via the festival website

Save the date for our inaugural live screening at Anita’s Theatre Thirroul on 8-9 March 2019.

The Coal Coast is one of the most picturesque coastlines in Australia between Sydney and Wollongong with unique landscapes, the Sea Cliff Bridge, an endless string of beautiful beaches and incredible views.

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