Bohmer’s (a climbing name given to Director and Chief Arborist Clive Woodnutt which means ‘Man of the Trees’) Tree Care is an innovative and award-winning, locally owned family business with over 30 years international arboriculture experience.

We pride ourselves on providing clients with modern, professional and safe arboriculture services to the highest of industry standards and we are recognised and respected for our expertise and approach to every job we carry out.

One of our primary goals is to perform our services in an eco-friendly manner and reduce our clients’ environmental footprint. In fact, we are anti-lopping and removing a tree is actually the last resort for us – we’d much rather educate people about why they should preserve these big beauties.

  • As a green ‘enviro-aware’ business, we strive to protect, preserve and conserve the environment.

  • Environmental preservation and safety are two of our core values and we make a point of incorporating them into our service standards and work practices.

  • Bohmer’s employ only experienced and qualified arborists and all works are carried out in accordance with Australian Standards.

  • We are located in Wollongong within the Illawarra enabling us to service all areas within the Illawarra Southern Sydney, Southern Highlands and the South Coast.

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Our Address: Suite 8, 8-10 Victoria Street Wollongong
Telephone: 0481 164 996 , 02 4263 4078