Who would have thought that year 2020 will be a very interesting year for all of us? Many of us have welcomed this year having a vision of being a perfect year that has a huge promise of positivity. Nonetheless, 2020 surprised us with a lot of unexpected turn of events that challenge us not only physically, emotionally, mentally but also financially.

The Australian government has been proactive in handling this world pandemic situation. Making sure that all their citizens will be safe, virus-free, and more vigilant during this time with all government’s given protocols, health guidelines, financial aid-grants were given to some communities.

With the pandemic still ongoing, not just across Australia but also around the globe. It has truly taught us how to be resilient and be more grateful for what we have. Which has led us to have to rethink our social gatherings ourselves, particularly our end of Christmas get together.

This Christmas season is the best time to be thankful despite the periods of lockdown, quarantines, business closures, lay-offs, economic crisis, and all other negative stuff. Yet, be grateful because we have seen families reunited during lockdown. More quality family time with each other and more time for reflection during quarantine. New opportunities for those businesses and learning to thrive during this time.  Taking good care of ourselves as well as looking for the welfare of others.

This season must remind us to stay stronger and be more positive in doing what we are doing. Helping our own community to grow and strive by staying local: enjoying our local community, local products, and our local businesses.

And lastly, although we, our members are not meeting this year to celebrate the end of this year.  Let us all be stewards of our own people. Let us have the heart to look after one another. Helping each other and assured that we have each other’s back. The best and the most powerful resources that a community and a nation can have is its people.  We can finish this stronger.

From all of us at the Northern Illawarra Chamber enjoy this season, be merry, be hopeful for more wonderful days, and be glad for more opportunities to come ahead of us.

Lookout 2021! We are ready to take on this new challenge…………..

Have a Merry and Joyful Christmas!