Descending into Otford Valley from either the town of Helensburgh, or the spectacular views of Lady Wakehurst Drive is like entering another world. The valley slopes support tall open Eucalypt forest and rainforest runs along the banks of the Hacking River. It is a vital wildlife corridor, and it is not unusual to have to stop on the road to allow an echidna to cross. With a population of less than 500, it is a true village with a fascinating history. While in its peak it boasted a pub, post office and even a bowling alley, today the only shop is the Otford Panty, famous for its sweet and savoury pies and breathtaking views. There is also a small public primary school, train station and Rural Fire Service. Otford is also the start of many of the walks through the National Park, including the increasingly popular Figure 8 Pools and the Burning Palms Track.